Family alpine Adventures!

Take the time out to try your hand at snowshoeing, among the snow and ice, and seeing for yourself the impressive views around the Remarkables range. Your Guide will take you on a snowy adventure, along the iconic Remarkables ridge; with incredible views, in a real alpine environment, away from the crowds of skiers and boarders! 


Your guide will bring this alpine environment to life, with interpretation on flora and fauna, local history and Maori Legends.


This is an amazing half or full day, tailored to your family, our full day option can include a range of experiences, dependent entirely on your goals, fitness and experience.


Loads of fun, adventure and excitement, this will be a truly memorable experience!





Price 1/2 day 2 Adults 2 Children


Price 1/2 day 2 Adults 3 Children


Price full day 2 Adults 2 Children


Price Full day 2 Adults 3 Children


Max. Party Size 6