Frequently Asked Questions


How old do you have to be to climb?

Climbing is suitable for all ages. Most children become interested in indoor rock climbing from age of 6 or 7. All children age 13 & under must be accompanied by an adult. All ages are welcome, and as long as they can satisfactorily fit a child harness they can climb! Younger children are welcome with family groups to hang out, and enjoy the day!

When does the adult price apply?

Adult rates apply for 16 years and above.

Is climbing a good family activity?

Absolutely yes. Climbing is one of the few sports that can be enjoyed together by people of different skill, size, and age.

Many parents come back and enjoy fun and healthy times with their kids. Some parents prefer to keep both feet firmly planted on the ground at all times (perfectly okay). They enjoy just working the ropes for their kids.

I’ve never climbed before. Do you cater for beginners and what else
do I need to know?

Our Rock Climbing Half or Full Days are designed for absolute beginners! It's all about

  • Quality interaction with a small group, and a great guide!
  • An active adventure where your totally in control
  • a peaceful, scenic and authentic connection with Queenstowns' natural environment
  • As little or as much challenge as you want to add!

Our groups may have mixed levels of experience from beginners - have some experience. Our sites allow all levels to enjoy thier own experience at the level that suits!

Do you need previous experience for rock climbing or mountaineering?

No, full instruction is given for both activities. However if you require advanced instruction or high end climbing please email us with your requirements. We can cater for all ability levels.


I want to climb my first mountain?

We suggest Single Cone, the highest point on the Remarkables. Single Cone is off the main divide and generally misses all the bad weather, therefore many days a year this mountain is climbable. The climb is challenging, however is attainable for a first time climber under the supervision of our guides.Awesome in both winter and summer.

Do you provide transport?

Yes, we will pick you up from Outside Sports on Shotover St in our courtesy van.

Guides & Leaders

What qualifications do the guides have?

All of our head guides are qualified in outdoor instruction and are members of the New Zealand Outdoor Instructors Association (NZOIA) or members of the New Zealand Mountain Guides Association.

How many clients are there to guides?

For your enjoyment and safety, we limit our client:guide ratio to 4-6 clients to one guide. This doesn't mean you can't come out with a large group; we have a lot of guides that enable us to cater to any sized group. These small groups ensure that you get the full attention of your guide and it fosters a very fun, safe and enjoyable environment. Our Rock Climbing trips have a 1:4 instructor/guide limit to ensure your safety.

Can I have my own private guide?

Yes we can arrange a private guiding trip for you. With your own private guide the possibilities on the rock and snow are endless. This is the best option for learning specific skills or climbing a specific peak.

Clothing & Equipment

What do you provide us with?

We will give you a climbing harness, helmet and gloves to use in some of the colder winter months. We will also provide you with a highly qualified guide and transport from downtown Queenstown. Rock shoes are also provided on Rock Climbing trips. For mountaineering trips we provide all the technical equipment including ice axe, crampons and avalanche transceiver.

What Should I Bring? What Should I Wear?

You should wear comfortable clothes suitable for exercising in, and appropriate to the weather on the day.

Running shoes are fine for Half Day Rock. You will need a rain jacket, and warm jersey as well.


We provide climbing harnesses, helmets, climbing shoes and chalk bags. Water is always a good idea, and bring a few snacks too!


For mountaineering trips we provide all the technical equipment including ice axe, crampons and avalanche transceiver.

Do you hire clothing and equipment?

We operate out of Outside Sports and Outside Sports has a huge range of the latest clothing to hire. Such as waterproof breathable rain wear, boots and back packs.


Do you operate all year around?

Rock Climbing, Abseiling and Mountaineering operate all year round.

Ice Climbing & Snow Shoeing only operates during winter, June to September.

Trekking option only operates from October to April.

Are the activities weather dependent?

Abseiling and Trekking operate in almost all weather conditions. These activities are still great fun in the rain.

Rock Climbing and Mountaineering can be weather dependent.

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