Lonely Planet Features Climbing Queenstown

Featured in Lonely Planet!

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Lonely Planet Features Climbing Queenstown


Lonely Planet have continued to happily encourage travelers from around the world to experience our activities, adventures, trips and tours.


Lonely Planets endorsement and encouragement in their guidebooks is a strong signal that we are a not to be missed activity or tour provider in Queenstown!

Thanks Lonely Planet.

Whether Rock Climbing Experiences, Abseiling Experiences, Guided Walking or Mountaineering and Climbing Courses - We continue to exceed and please our beloved customers expectations.


Authentic, active, inclusive and social adventures that capture the scenic and adventurous atmosphere of Queenstown are more popular than ever. 


Being in control of your challenge and having 3+ hours of adventure value for money are award winning attributes of our great experiences or days out for travelers, families and groups!


Look forward to seeing you too!

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17th September 2018

Did someone say freshies?? With more than 35cm of new snow, winter has made a reappearance. Join our team for a guided snowshoe tour and get your last hit of winter ❄️❄️ 📷: Chris Prudden https://www.climbingqueenstown.com/outdoor-activities/alpine-guided-snowshoeing/remarkables-alpine-guided-snowshoeing/

13th September 2018

We've got the gear. You've got the psych. This is September climbing! Join us for a climbing trip this month.

9th September 2018

Now is the season for trips in the snow or trips on the rock! Join us in the snow before it all melts or on the rock while the friction is choice. Visit http://climbingqueenstown.co.nz to view trip options and prices.

4th September 2018

The Remarkables sure are remarkable. The season is nearing its end for snowshoeing so if you haven't joined us for a trip yet, now is as good a time as ever! Check our our site for trip details https://www.climbingqueenstown.com/outdoor-activities/alpine-guided-snowshoeing/remarkables-alpine-guided-snowshoeing/

3rd September 2018

Sorry off topic I know. Hi Mums and Dads we would love to find parents who would be interested in helping us start a small private school in Queenstown and to hear if there is much interest/demand from parents for this? From what I have researched there is a demand however nothing has come to fruition yet? See more at our FB https://www.facebook.com/Future-Private-School-Queenstown-326914001200398/

1st September 2018

We're still running alpine trips in the Remarkables! Even if you are a beginner we can teach you the necessary skills and get your cramponned feet on the ground! We run two day excursions with one being a skills day and the second a summit day. Check out our site for more info or to book a trip in the mountains! https://www.climbingqueenstown.com/courses/introductory-mountain-skills/

29th August 2018

Make a trip in the snowy mountains a family affair. Snowshoe amidst stunning backdrops any time in the week! Book in a trip while the snow is still good! https://www.climbingqueenstown.com/outdoor-activities/alpine-guided-snowshoeing/remarkables-alpine-guided-snowshoeing/

11th August 2018

Have a romp in the snow during a snowshoe trip in one of the best backdrops in New Zealand! Make the most of this winter by spending a day in the Remarkables! ❄️🏔

11th August 2018

Allured by the prime powder in the backcountry? Whether you're bagging peaks or cutting fresh lines do it confidently with avalanche awareness. Climbing Queenstown is running an Avalanche Awareness course next weekend and spots are limited so book now! https://www.climbingqueenstown.com/courses/avalanche-awareness/

7th August 2018

Learn to travel in the backcountry SAFELY. We're holding a 2 day Avalanche Awareness course on August 17th and 18th in which you'll learn how to identify avalanche terrain, safe practices, and rescue techniques. Spots are limited so book today! https://www.climbingqueenstown.com/courses/avalanche-awareness/

29th July 2018

The snow gods have delivered in the past week, making for incredible snowshoeing conditions. Get amongst it! 📷: Chris Prudden

11th July 2018

Family fun on The Remarkables alpine snowshoeing trip. Perfect for the school holidays and just check out those views!❄️🏔❄️ 📷: Chris Prudden

3rd July 2018

Another stunning day in the alpine with Ben and Austin - never get tired of that view! 📷: Chris Prudden

27th June 2018

We’ve received 44cm of new snow this week which makes for super-fun snowshoeing conditions. Make fresh tracks as you soak up the incredible views of Queenstown far below. 📷: Ben Watson CQ Guide https://www.climbingqueenstown.com/outdoor-activities/alpine-guided-snowshoeing/remarkables-alpine-guided-snowshoeing/

24th June 2018

Last weeks great weather made for some fabulous snowshoe trips. Now we have fresh snow on the hills and are ready to do it all again this week - join us! 📷: Chris Prudden https://www.climbingqueenstown.com/outdoor-activities/alpine-guided-snowshoeing/remarkables-alpine-guided-snowshoeing/

21st June 2018

James & Watson take the final steps to their first winter summit. Not bad for their first time on snow, and they even brought the Fijian flag 🇫🇯 with them on their snowshoe adventure! 📷: Chris Prudden

14th June 2018

"There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing." - Alfred Wainwright CQ guide Chris Prudden put this theory to the test over the weekend with some guests on a Remarkables mountaineering day - they look like the weather didn't faze them!

13th June 2018

Did you catch last nights epic sunset? CQ guide Ben captured this stunning shot as he and our guests wrapped up their afternoon snowshoe trip

11th June 2018

A fun day out with the girls from Queenstown Lakeview Holiday Park ❄️🏔

5th June 2018

Who checked out LUMA Queenstown over the weekend? What an incredible event!

28th February 2018

Thinking about heading out for a day of climbing with one of our brilliant instructors. Well check out this blog post written by some of our recent customers. 🙌🙌 🧗🏾‍♂️🧗‍♀️ Instructor: Emma Timmis

9th February 2018

Queenstown treated us to another stunning day for getting out and testing our skills on rock. Who’s coming out to play next week? 🧗🏾‍♂️🧗‍♀️

22nd January 2018

A couple of perfect summer days on the iconic Remarkables with very warm and dry conditions. Great shots of guide Paul in action by Chris Prudden

22nd January 2018

This morning looked like there would be no chance of climbing. But what a day it turned out to be!!! A little bit of cloud is always welcome in the hot Queenstown summer. ☀️☀️☀️ 📷 Emma Timmis 👌