Climbing Queenstown Youth Development Programme


Climbing Queenstown Youth Development Programme

Working with the Queenstown Climbing Club, Climbing Queenstown recently delivered a 5-day Youth development course.


We took 8 children aged 8-16 on a tour of the South Island, teaching Leading, Trad and multi itch Climbing! 


Check out the Article on the Otago Daily Times 

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20th May 2019

What a good looking backyard. Stunning weather today in Queenstown. The snow is beginning to stay and days are getting shorter, all in time for our brand new climbing gym to open. Stay tuned if you like to get pumped 😂👌🏼👌🏼🤙#climbingqueenstown #Basecampadventures #climbing #alpine #newzealand #mountains #mountaineering #guides #winter #snow #southisland

19th May 2019

Fresh snow on the hills this week! Love sneaking a quick trip in up the Remarkables on a good weather day. There’s no such thing as bad weather! - Jamie #climbingqueenstown #basecampadventures #alpine #mountaineering #queenstown #theremarkables #climbing #newzealand #sharpend #❄️❄️

17th May 2019

Check out the latest on the construction of the new Basecamp Adventures Climbing Centre

14th May 2019

From Bridwell and Stanton, through to Lynn Hill, Tommy and Kevin, and Alex Honnold this is an extensive (although not exhaustive) history of free climbing on El Cap

5th May 2019

Quit ya day job and come for a walk. Get some fresh air and connect with nature, all that good stuff. @basecamp.adventures #basecampqueenstown #QueenstownLive #queenstown #newzealand #alpine #autumn #climbinghiking #southisland #theremarkables #travel #NZ

3rd May 2019

Our friends at Climbing Shop have a sweet deal on EDELRID Jay 2 and Jayne 2 harnesses for the month of May. Grab one online or if you are over in Wanaka then pop into Basecamp Adventures Climbing Centre to try one on in store.

1st May 2019

Festival passes are on sale for the New Zealand Mountain Film Festival in Wanaka and Queenstown. These always sell out so get in quickly to guarantee your seat for every film, speaker and workshop - including keynote speaker, the amazing Lynn Hill

24th April 2019

Some lovely days spent up in our backyard, The Remarkables. Slowly but surely we'll see more snow! Our Alpine walks will turn into snowshoeing :D

11th April 2019

The sport and bouldering walls for the new Basecamp Adventures Climbing Centre in Queenstown are under production. They'll be shipped to Queenstown and then assembled on site!

4th April 2019

Happy Birthday Jamie!

31st March 2019

It has long been acknowledged that the mountain guiding profession comprises of 3 key disciplines - rock, alpine and ski. However, the American Mountain Guides Association realised that a key discipline was missing from their curriculum - Apres

15th March 2019

Thinking of everyone in Christchurch - Kia kaha ♥️

14th March 2019

The team going through EWP training yesterday at the new @basecamp.adventures site in Queenstown . . @climbingqueenstown @basecamp.adventures #reachforthesky

8th March 2019

Some of the incredible women we are fortunate to work and climb with #internationalwomensday

6th March 2019

Summer definitely isn't over yet! Still perfect conditions to get out and on the rock 👌 . . @basecamp.adventures @climbingqueenstown @queenstownisite @happytravelsnz @southerndiscoveries #climbing #sunshinebay #bluebird

5th March 2019

Happy birthday to this legend, our all-star Operations Coordinator Torben 🎉

2nd March 2019

Great article from the Mountain Scene on the new Basecamp Adventures Climbing Centre opening in Queenstown this winter

28th February 2019

A lovely day out climbing at Kingston, some fresh snow on the hills, hopefully a sign that winter will be cold and snowy 😃 take it to the next level on a multi pitch climb 👌🏼🤙 Basecamp Adventures #basecampadventures #climbing #sportclimbing #outdoors #newzealand #queenstown #adventure @ Kingston, New Zealand

27th February 2019

Uninterrupted views on our Alpine Walk. No crowds and no chairlifts just the Southern Alps as far as the eye can see! . . @basecamp.adventures @climbingqueenstown @happytravelsnz @queenstownisite #Queenstown #viewsfordays #queenstownnz #queenstownmustdo

25th February 2019

We're so excited to be part of the new Basecamp Adventures Queenstown Climbing Centre! Ideally situated under The Remarkables, the centre will provide a new base for Climbing Queenstown, giving us space to meet and greet our guests, offer a top selection of retail and rental equipment, and, of course, the best indoor climbing in town!

23rd February 2019

You may have noticed on our website that our logo has been updated to include our parent company Basecamp Adventures. Climbing Queenstown is powered by Basecamp Adventures, allowing our guests to benefit from a wider range of awesome locations in our region and a larger pool of qualified and experienced guides and instructors. Climb on!

20th February 2019

Living on the edge 👍 . . Rock climbing is the perfect mental and physical challenge. Trips available for all abilities so get involved! . Basecamp Adventures Climbing Queenstown Queenstown i-SITE Visitor Information Centre Queenstown NZ #Queenstown #climbing #queenstownholidays #queenstownmustdo

11th February 2019

There's no better way to take in the views 🤙 . . @basecampwanaka @climbingqueenstown @queenstownisite #queenstownnz #queenstownmustdo #queenstownholidays

27th January 2019

Another glorious day up at Wye Creek with the Summer weather back on track 🌞 . . @basecampwanaka @climbingqueenstown #climbing #sunsout #gunsout