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Queenstown - The BEST multi-activity DOE Expedition area in the WORLD!

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Hike Valley Girls
camping boy chase girl
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Climbing Queenstown is the only Accredited Provider of The Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award in the Queenstown/Wanaka area. We can provide a fully integrated package of any or all elements of the Award from Bronze training through to Gold qualifying expedition. We cover all aspects of logistics and safety management, and can help with planning and route options for the area, so your participants can enjoy their adventures safely.

We specialize in planning & managing Adventurous Journeys' for New Zealand and International DOE Groups seeking single or multiple discipline/pursuit expeditions within New Zealand. In Particular the iconic and dramatic areas of the South Island.

 Our facilitators have years of experience in organising and delivering the Duke of Edinburgh Award around the world. They come from an Outdoor Education and Mountain Training background, ensuring that participants will receive the highest quality training available and will be safely looked after through every step of their adventurous journeys.


custom expedition & training

For DOE groups looking for something a bit extra, we manage the custom design, development and delivery of training blocks and adventurous journeys. Working largely with:

  • International Schools & Universities
  • International DOE Groups
  • New Zealand DOE Schools

We predominately provide management of custom itineraries in more challenging, specialized or diverse parts of the South Island, New Zealand.

We have designed multi-discipline expeditions, or spectacular journeys in iconic terrain from trekking, kayaking, rafting, climbing, cycle touring and caving.

If you want your journey to be that little bit more - talk to us now!


The initial training usually involve a two day training course. The topics below will be covered, with increasing depth, at all levels of the award.

  • Environmental Care Code
  • Leadership and Trip Planning
  • Clothing and Equipment
  • Cooking and Campcraft
  • Map Reading and Compass use
  • Route Finding
  • Water Safety
  • Survival & loss of route
  • Outdoor First Aid

Our facilitators will work closely with the group during the two days, ensuring all topics are covered and the group feel well equipped and ready for the practice expedition. We will also actively teach and encourage the principles laid out by Leave No Trace.


Practice Expeditions

The practice expedition is a chance for participating groups to consolidate their skills and reassure themselves (and assessors) that they are ready for their qualifier. They will be under close supervision during this time with enough distance to allow the group to learn from their mistakes, yet close enough to step in if needed. After the expedition, any potential gaps in the participants knowledge can be dealt with in subsequent training.


Qualifying Expeditions

Once the participants are ready, it's time for their qualifying expedition. Our Assessors will supervise and manage the teams more remotely, using a variety of safety management options, from shadowing to checkpoints, depending on the skill levels of the group and the stage of the award.



The following table provides indicative pricing for basic, or standard training modules and journeys.



Cost p.p.

(4-5 people)

Cost p.p.

(6-7 people)

2 Day Training All 2 days $225 $200
Practice Expedition Bronze (2 days) $225 $200
Practice Expedition Silver (2.5 Days) $285 $250
Practice Expedition Gold (2.5 Days) $285 $250
Practice Expedition Silver (3 Days) $335 $300
Practice Expedition Gold (4 Days) $445 $400