lake alta glacial relic walk

  • History, nature, wildlife and cultural interpretation
  • Spectacular scenery and great views high above the Lake Wakatipu
  • Learn new skills and challenge yourself in a safe, supported environment
  • Learn about alpine ice and rock formations, avalanches and snow, and frozen lakes!

See for yourself the impressive views around Lake Alta, a glacial remnants lake and the surrounding Alta Cirque.

Explore the frozen glacial lake, cliffs and ice formations while learning about the glacial process and the special ecological environment that remains.

The Remarkable Ranges boast the highest twin peaks in the region, combining volcanic uplift and glacial carving to create a unique and impressive alpine area.

This is the essence of the southern alpine region up close and raw.

Build your own snow ‘lazy boy’ chairs and explore snow caves.

Suitable for all people, of any age and most fitness levels, who are seeking a rewarding scenic experience.

Whilst this walk has a longer duration the required uphill walking is very short, starting from an established high car park. We spend most time enjoying the atmosphere, telling stories and exploring the frozen lake.

Ages 7+
Duration 4-6 Hours
Fitness If you enjoy easy-moderate walks of 2-4 hour duration, or just like the being in the outdoors this walk is for you!
We Provide Snow Shoes, Walking Poles, Morning Tea
You Provide Rain Coat, Warm Jersey, fleece or Jacket, Hiking Boots, Sun Glasses, Hat and Sunscreen. Bring water and snacks!